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Lyle Sopel Bear on Pyrite
$38,000.00 CAD
Jade Peapod Pendant, 0072 Stainless Steel
from $60.00 CAD
AA Siberian Happy Buddha Pendant
$3,750.00 CAD
Siberian Pi Pendant ( Donut ) - 16mm -2
$180.00 CAD
Siberian Pi Pendant ( Donut ) - 16mm -1
$180.00 CAD
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$380.00 CAD
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100% Natural Nephrite Jade
Sold by GIA Graduate Gemologist
Mala Bracelets
Mala Bracelets
from $58.00 CAD
Jade Bracelet - 10mm Bead - The Jade Store
Jade 10mm Bead Bracelet
$85.00 CAD
Nugget Bead Bracelet, Pull Closure
$42.00 CAD
Chip Bead Bracelet
$18.00 CAD
Power Beads, Nugget
$42.00 CAD
Sold Out
Bracelet, 2229-04
$84.00 CAD

Jade West is one of the world's largest producer and exporter of nephrite Jade, operating four mines located in Northern British Columbia, 100 miles east of the Alaskan Border.

In Chinese culture Jade is really special: "Gold has a value; jade is invaluable". It is the ultimate symbol of virtue, calm and serenity, it is also said to encourage self-realization and it is known as a good luck and protective charm.