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    Check out our new rough jade website www.jadewestmining.com  - We are trying to add more items daily - if you have any questions or inquiries please let us know at info@jademinecanada.com or by phone at (604) 538-4525

    14 products
    Rough Jade Sample Pack
    1LB Canadian Nephrite Jade Sample Pack
    $75.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    A Grade Polar Jade, 2.4lbs
    $200.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    Rough Polar Jade, 2.14lbs
    $160.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    Polar Jade Rough, 3.5lbs
    $260.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    Cassiar Rough, 4.7lbs
    $290.00 CAD
    Canadian Nephrite Jade Specimen, 40.8lbs
    $2,500.00 CAD
    A Grade Canadian Jade, 2.10lbs
    $220.00 CAD
    Siberian Nephrite Jade Specimen - 2.25lbs
    $485.00 CAD
    Mineral Specimen
    $92.00 CAD
    Canadian Nephrite Jade Specimen, 45lbs
    $2,900.00 CAD
    M2 - Rough Siberian Jade 5lbs
    $750.00 CAD
    AA Canadian Rough - 21lbs
    $2,100.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    A+ Rough Sample Pack - 6 pieces 1.5lbs
    $140.00 CAD
    Sold Out
    A Grade Polar Rough, 11oz
    $80.00 CAD

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