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From National Geographic:
The world's major nephrite production occurs across the Pacific, from the gigantic surface deposits of British Columbia

by Fred Ward, JADE,
September 1987, National Geographic Magazine.



Jade West is one of the world's largest producer and exporter of Nephrite Jade, operating four mines located in Northern British Columbia, 100 miles east of the Alaskan Border. During a short summer mining season, when the area is free from snow, Jade West annually mines 100 tonnes of jade for export to China. Jade West is also the exclusive supplier of POLAR JADE, described by FRED WARD in the Lapidary Journal, November 1998, as "the newest, brightest, most translucent, greenest, hardest Nephrite yet discovered."

The best jade from each season is selected for jewelry and sculptures created by some of the world's master jade carvers. Other jade is selected for making souvenir products and collectibles. All of these products are available exclusively through The JADE MINE.

Jade in rough form is stored at the company's warehouse near Vancouver, Canada. Please call to make an appointment to come see the rough jade, we have it available in sizes ranging from small chips to large boulders.

We are a family run company. Paul Lanyon and Nikki Makepeace started up and run the Canadian side of Jade West Resources in 2015 with the help of Kirk and Eileen Makepeace.

Jade Mine Canada Owner Paul Lanyon and Family

Paul Lanyon and Family- Owners of Jade West Resources (Canada)


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