Jade Bangles

Jade Bangles

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    Jade Bangles beautifully carved and polished out of stunning Jade.

    Please contact us at info@jademinecanada.com for more bangles. Due to bangles high turnover it is hard to keep them online,  we have lots of inventory in our showroom, bangle prices range from $150 to $10,000. Please let us know the size and quality you are looking for.

    14 products
    B Grade Bangle, round
    Round Bangle, Multiple Sizes 53mm - 70mm
    $220.00 CAD
    Satin Finish Round Bangles, Multiple Sizes
    $220.00 CAD
    Canadian Nephrite Jade Bangles - Multiple Sizes
    $375.00 CAD
    Baby Bangle
    $88.00 CAD
    Bangle, Black Australian Nephrite - Multiple Sizes
    $220.00 CAD
    Canadian Dark Green Jade Bangle - 60mm, 60.5mm and 61mm
    $800.00 CAD
    Canadian Jade Bangle - 64mm
    $600.00 CAD
    XL AA Siberian Jade Bangle - 80mm
    $9,200.00 CAD
    Siberian Bangle - 59.5mm x 19mm
    $6,500.00 CAD
    Siberian Bangle - 59mm x 17.5mm
    $6,500.00 CAD
    Siberian Bangle - 52mm x 19mm
    $4,500.00 CAD
    Bangle, 62mm x 18mm
    $1,000.00 CAD
    Canadian Jade Bangle, 66x14.5
    $450.00 CAD
    Siberian Bangle - 51mm x 19mm
    $7,500.00 CAD

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