14mm Mala Bracelet

SKU: 14mm Mala Bracelet
14mm Mala Bracelet
14mm Mala Bracelet

14mm Mala Bracelet

SKU: 14mm Mala Bracelet
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Jade: Canadian Nephrite Jade
Size: 14mm beads
Polish: High polish
Grade: Carving grade
Cord: Elastic cording
Canadian Nephrite Jade power bead bracelet. The beads measure approximately 14mm in diameter, there are 15 in total, including the guru bead. These beads are on a stretchy cord that when fully relaxed measures around 7".

All of our Jade is 100% natural.

Meaning "Power beads have a rich history of spirituality and ritual use that comes from prayer beads and the belief in healing powers of gemstones.

For thousands of years, man has used beads to adorn himself and aid in spiritual and ritual rites.The root word for bead, bede means to pray, and the earliest use of prayer beads is traced to the Hindus.

Stringing beads together allowed the user to keep track of the number of prayers repeated. "

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