Inuksuk Brooch, 0440

SKU: UJKK-0440-3
Polar Collection Brooch UJKK-0440-3

Inuksuk Brooch, 0440

SKU: UJKK-0440-3
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Jade: Canadian Nephrite Jade
Size: 33mm x 27.5mm
Polish: High polish
Grade: A grade

Brooch Inuksuk (Vancouver 2010 Symbol)

Beautiful Inuksuk Brooch crafted from our finest Jade. This striking Jade Brooch comes complete with a Hand Crafted Wooden Display Box.

This Brooch measures approximately 33x27.5mm

Inuksuk are among the most important objects created by the Inuit who were the first people to inhabit portions of Alaska, Arctic Canada, and Greenland. The term Inuksuk (the singular of Inuksuit) means 'to act in the capacity of a human.' It is an extension of Inuk, meaning 'a human being.

These stone figures were placed on the temporal and spiritual landscapes. Among many practical functions, they were employed as hunting and navigation aids, coordination points, indicators, and message centers.

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